Gene cluster description
PKS/NRPS domain annotation

Gene Cluster 1. Type = t1pks. Location: 530 - 87437 nt. Click on genes for more information.  GBK    Genes and detection info overview
Predicted core structure

Monomers prediction: mal pk mal mal mal mal mal mmal mal pk mal mal mal
Docking domain analysis results.
Downloadable output files
mlaA1 (type i modular pks)
mlaA2 (type i modular pks)
mlaB (type i modular pks)
mlaD (type i modular pks)
mlaG (type i modular pks)
mlaF (type i modular pks)
mlaE (type i modular pks)
Homologous gene clusters

Streptomyces sp. MP39-85 putative lipoprotein and hypothetical protein genes,...
Streptomyces sp. DSM 21069 putative secreted metal-binding p...
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